Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How do you make you skin more pale naturally?

Without make-up or concealer or foundation.

i hate tans b ut i do like going in the sun.

i just enjoy being very plae.

So how can i keep my skin pale,

while still being in the sun.

sunscreen doesn%26#039;t work for me either.|||Try leaving a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda on your skin. Don%26#039;t leave it on for longer than ten minutes, because it will irritate your skin. Rince it off with warm water.

Wearing baby powder on your face will make it appear paler, but I know that%26#039;s kind of like makeup.

In Japan, they sell special sunscreens that prevent tanning. Try looking online.

I hope I helped!|||you can try lemons||||||Scrub your sun hard with a brillo pad|||If you go in the sun, you%26#039;ll always tan......why would you wanna be more pale?? the only way to do that is to not go in the sun, sorry.|||its impossible if your in the sun...|||You should research on the internet for Japanese skin whitening creams and soaps. It is popular to be as white as milk over in Asia. Supposedly these products are so effective that they work on dark skinned people also.|||sounds like you%26#039;re doing everything possible to not keeping your skin pale. you like the sun. you won%26#039;t wear sunscreen. wear a burka maybe|||No other way unless you%26#039;re out of the sun but you could use sun screen when you go out and it%26#039;ll help it to not get too tan if at all|||why would you want to do that|||i think there is sunblock with a really high SPF and i think that it is really hard to get tan if you wear it - and u could just use an umbrella when u go outside.

Other wise there isn%26#039;t ne way to do it without sunblock

What is the best kind of body lotion to help maintain youthful skin?

What should I be looking for? I dont have wrinkles (I%26#039;m 28) but I want to start using a body lotion (mostly at night after I shower) that will help maintain younger looking skin. Should I be looking for certain vitamins in the lotions? Does anyone have any recommendations? |||Vaseline Intensive Care. Its really good for keeping in moisture, it isn%26#039;t incredibly expensive, it has vitamin E, which is really good for keeping away wrinkles. Its non greasy, and it doesn%26#039;t have a god awful overwhelmingly sweet scent.

(Cocoa butter is nice, but its greasy, and has a really strong smell)

(Retinal A might have long term side effects, the FDA has said they don%26#039;t know how safe it is to use over a long period of time....)|||just remember when putting suff on your face rub up because if you pull your skin down it will cause wrinkles in the lon run Report Abuse
|||Short answer: aveeno

Long answer: Healthy skin starts on the inside. Its nice to think that something topical could keep our skin healthy, but it just isn%26#039;t this way. Creams can help, but its only temporary. I like aveeno myself. Its light and soothing on dry skin. Lack of lipids and collagen elastin causes wrinkles. So something with those ingredients in it could help soothe for the most part. One of the best ways to prevent wrinkles is to always have sunscreen on. If you use a night cream or moisturizer on your face like i do, mix in some sunscreen into it.

Keep yourself well hydrated. I know its been said, but there%26#039;s truth to it. There%26#039;s weird little tips that people have like.. not to frown, not to make kissy faces, like when you smoke a cigarette or drink through a straw, but i mean.. if you%26#039;re going to consciously not do normal things like that just so you don%26#039;t eventually get wrinkles.. its a little overboard in my books.

Health radiates through your skin, just take good care of yourself and it will show :)|||The others answerers are right vitamin e is excellent for the skin

But get this specific lotion. My mom been using this stuff since she was 20 and she has NO wrinkles at all. It works.鈥?/a>|||Anything with collagen, silicone %26amp; vitamins. Vaseline is okay but I would go 2 a dermotologist 4 something stronger.|||vaseline - it%26#039;s all about keeping moisture in.

Eat a healthy diet, stay out of the sun, don%26#039;t smoke, and get plenty of rest.|||Vitamin E is a good one for skin health.

You can also try Cocoa Butter.|||vaseline body lotion|||Check on for the safety of the product. Don%26#039;t use anything wit parabens and mineral oil it|||Aveeno!|||I love Suave products, I would use their body lotion.|||Nivea or baby lotion. Both are great for the long haul.|||Dove energy glow. makes your skin look more toned and darker without streaks!|||have a healthy diet and try nivea young range

What are some good facial cleansers that are good for extremely sensitive skin?

I need something to clean my face with, but my skin is SUPER sensitive. Any recommendations?|||try that stuff by Aloette. Aloe Vera is the main ingredient in their cleansers and rejuvenators. I just tried a sample a friend gave to me, and I even used it by my eyes, and it was great! My face feels super clean and soothed.

I think you can get a break on the shopping channel when she (the owner of the company) comes on and has specials on. Otherwise you might want to check out their site.鈥?/a>

(ps...please do NOt try that apricot scrub!!! I%26#039;ve not had the best experiences with it)|||Aloe vera facial cleanser and make up from forever living is the best to take care of sensitive skin. Forever Living products are aloe vera based and they are the most natural out there. This products are amazing you can check them out at Forever Living Aloe vera products is the largest grower and manufacturer of aloe vera products in the world. Sold world wide in almost 130 countries for over 30 years. This products are high quality and quality, and affordable. Try it you might fall in love with them as I did!|||i had the same problem. no matter what i%26#039;d try my skin would get either super dry and flaky or breakout. I use Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Cleanser. its in a white bottle about and costs around 7 dollars in any drug store. It doesnt dry out or bother the skin, just cleanses it.|||Cetaphil.

They have it for sensative skin. I have sensitive skin, so i know it works great!:) And if you are looking for a moisturizer, then definently try Aveeno moisturizer, its made from oats, so all natural! I also have that. hope this helped.

Good Luck!:)|||cleaning with moisturisers works for me

apply cold cream like dove / nivea or your choice liberaly on face then little rubbing with buff cloth then wash (warm water in winter) and see beautiful cleaning without cleanser cuz moisurise while u clean is the way for sensitive skin cleanliness dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|||um why dont u just use a beauty bar and water? its not expensive, like proffesional %26quot;skin care cleansers%26quot;. using those dont help skin at all, ive tried.|||i think st. ives apricot scrub is supposed to be really good. IDK i havent used it.

What is the best way to get rid of an under the skin pimples?

I have been using my regular face wash and everything but it just won%26#039;t go down =/. Any suggestions?|||You need to get benzoyl peroxide cream. They have all kinds at drugstores..before bed you put a little bit of the cream on the pimples and rub it in. Do this for a couple of days and it%26#039;ll go down|||I had perfect skin, and in one month, I was left with under the skin pimples. No one was able to see them, but they could be felt. Anyway I went to the derm, and she put me on accutane (which isn%26#039;t bad, like people say it is) and now their gone and they haven%26#039;t come back. So if creams and facial wash aren%26#039;t doing anything, they may need something stronger, like antibiotics. I would take an appointment with your doctor, just to be on the safe side.|||I had that same problem no more than 3 days ago, I was at work and I scratched my face just to find a nice red one on the tip of my nose. I used Clean and Clear Advantage acne spot treatment, and it was gone by the next morning. Just wash, apply and leave it be.

Best wishes|||You can place a warm wet tea bag over the area or a cotton ball dipped in lemon juice (don%26#039;t use lemon juice if you have a sensitive skin). Check out for more info and home remedies.

How can u remove a sharpie permanent marker from a baby's skin ?

My 2yo. daughter used a black sharpie to write it all over her body. And now we are having a hard time removing it. She also wrote it on our bed sheet and her mom%26#039;s signature jacket.Pls. help.Thanks to all.|||once its on its on....its not gunna come off your bed sheets of jacket.....for her on the other hand soak her in a bubble bath and scrub herr|||Try baby oil. That works well to break it down a lot of times.|||Good job keeping an eye on your two year old!!! Be thank full she did not get into something worse!!|||I%26#039;m a teacher and I use WD-40 to remove sharpie from everything. But after you use the wd-40 you have to use soap or another cleaner to remove the greasiness of the

WD-40. This works on any smooth surface, it does come off skin - I tried it on fabric and couldn%26#039;t get it out .|||I know that when I have gotten permanent marker on myself, rubbing alcohol works well. I am not sure if that is ok to use on a 2 y/o skin though. The sheets, might be a different story! Try oxi-clean. Good luck!|||Though I haven%26#039;t tried it, I have heard that hand sanitizer or shaving cream will remove sharpie marks from skin.

Rubbing alcohol is pretty good at removing ink from fabric.|||Her body: Leave it, it%26#039;ll wash/wear off in time.

Other things: well, sharpie ink is soluble in rubbing alcohol. You might try dabbing the sheet with a paper towel that%26#039;s damp with rubbing alcohol.|||Do not use alot of alcohol on baby it can make her ill...and don%26#039;t scrub her...two years olds get into stuff quick eh%26#039; ...usually baby wipes work pretty good...then a bath...then you have to wait...let her play then wipe her off with a wipe again it%26#039;ll fade by the way it%26#039;ll take awhile to come off hands will live...I dont think that jacket will though...

What is the best way to get rid of red, irritated, dry skin?

I would prefer natural remedies, since all these cleansers and stuff i%26#039;ve tried in the past make it even worse.

The only thing I put on my face is Nivea moisteuriser, and I don%26#039;t wear foundation or blush or concealer often.

The area around my nose, my eyelid and the side of my cheek is like red and irritated, and there are like little bumps.

help?|||This sounds like Eczema. Most cleansers are quite harsh, also stop using Nivea for now, it%26#039;s ok but is probably irritating your skin more. I%26#039;ve found a great skin cream called Neutrogena Comfort Balm. Natural remedy might work but why not swallow your pride and see a Doctor, they have simple and inexpensive remedy for this I assure you. See the Doctor first and once cured use the moisturiser. Good luck|||is it only your face that is affected? with sensitive skin you do really have to be careful what you use even the soaps- I have some info on a brand new green and toxin free line of products if you would like to have some info.. in the mean time mint water is both refreshing and cleansing... and of course aloe vera jucie or gel is wonderful as a cleanser and calming agent|||Use aloe vera gel after bathing on the dry areas.There are many helpful tips to cure dry skin at

How can I clean sheep skin rugs?

I have 2 fluffy white sheep skin rugs from Ikea. They could use a clean, but I don%26#039;t want to wreck them. Any suggestions?|||this website will help alot|||Good answers, similar to what is said here:鈥? Report Abuse
|||Buy a Sheep Dip off of E-bay.

The farming industry is on its knees, you should be able to find a diamond white bargain on there!

muhahahahaha...|||detergent|||i have one too and my kitty thinks that it%26#039;s it%26#039;s mother so it would suck on it and i just put it in the washing machine and it is completely ok dont worry about it.|||I think you could hand wash them with cold water and the mild detergent used for woolen clothes. Do they have any washing instructions? If you are afraid to do that, you could ask a dry-cleaner if they would undertake to clean them.|||not too much detergent and make sure to use cold water or it will shrink(trust me it happened to me) Alternativly you can get a professional.|||My mum once had the same problem. She worked in a dry cleaners so she washed them at home in our washer and put lots of lanolin in as conditioner that she%26#039;d brought home. Why not ask in your dry cleaners as it would be a shame to ruin them.